Friday, May 20, 2005

This movie which concludes the old (new) trilogy has made up for the not-so-hot previous ones. What can i say? Superlatives come to mind (arguable with some of my friends), but all i can say is this: it was worth the 11:30p.m. sked. :-)

Hot points:
- amazing battle scenes
- yes, Anakin DOES transform formidably into Darth, which is THE coolest!
- Hayden Christensen not only shows he's an actor, he's HOT!
- the plot seamlessly ties the first (new) trilogy with the second (old) one.

(ok, stopping now before i turn into complete geek mode)

Thanks and Kudos to MAry, Jac, Carlos and MArk for the righteous decision to watch this movie so early into its run! Also, gracias to Noni for a scrumptious
dinner prior to said showing (Ponti's is THE BEST!)

Sleeping mode incoming, so May the Force be with Us!


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